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On January 16, 2012 by Kim Wetter
me singing karaoke

Years Ago - Equally as Awesome

Do you guys remember my wonderful trip to Walla Walla where I got sleepy in a karaoke lounge? Well I do. I must say, I love karaoke. I cannot carry a tune and I am unsure what a “key” is. That is not important in my version of karaoke.

Sure, the people of the Golden Horse lounge in Walla Walla take their songs very seriously. Each performer (that’s what I’m going to refer to them as because that’s what they consider themselves) stands up in the dimly lit lounge and belts out a tune they’ve been practicing in their truck for weeks. Drunken rowdiness is frowned upon because your attention should be focused and the performer and their country ballad.

Enter my group: on more than one occasion someone has drunkenly broken a glass at our table. My best friend Laura and I frequently karaoke together and she sings only slightly better than me, which is not good. Our renditions of Dixie Chicks songs go over better than our attempts at Lady Gaga but no matter – this is our moment. So we perform and drink and we are always merry in that creepy Chinese restaurant karaoke lounge.

Last time I was there, I took a video, put it up on YouTube and always planned on writing about it but haven’t yet. That weekend, the glass breaker in question sang, sorry, performed, a lovely version of Uptown Girl. I imagine that he knew I was filming at the time because he keeps singing into the camera known as my iPhone. I don’t think his intoxicated mind put two and two together that I have a blog. I feel slightly evil for doing this but it just feels so good.

So here it is:

Wasn’t it lovely? To share the spotlight, here’s a video I took of a friend who is a very good singer rocking it at the GoHo.

And to be completely fair, here’s a video of me singing (it was the forth of July AND I had completely lost my voice AND I would do it again in an instant)

There you have it: karaoke. If you ever want to duet with me, let me know (yeah, read THAT sentence out loud!).

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