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On March 6, 2012 by Kim Wetter
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For those of you who actually read my blog when it’s not posted on Facebook, this is a post for you (I think there are 5 of you and no, the title does not refer to you). I didn’t post much last week because this kind of got me down. After my entry on my OKCupid profile, I got a messaged that someone had “suggested edits” on my profile and I should go approve or deny them. I found this to the right. I went to see which user had sent me this and the user had deleted their profile. Obviously, this came from posting on my blog.

I finally figured out who it was by using the Google cache of his page (I’m really good at the internets). I know the guy. I thought we were friends. I generally was happy it wasn’t someone who actually holds hatred for me.

So I texted him and told him he was an asshole. He basically told me I was asking for it because I posted my profile and when he saw it, he decided to “wreck havoc.” He most likely just wanted me to write about it and then he could pat himself on the back, never expecting I would actually figure out it was him.

That’s just something I can’t get behind. Why cause havoc in someone else’s life for your own enjoyment? There’s honestly enough terrible things that happen on a daily basis, so why feel the need to add to it?

I told him that I stick by the things I say and do. He clearly does not if he was trying to hide his identity. In fact, I told him that if he posted his criticisms of me and my blog on facebook or publicly, he’d probably have plenty of people, including some of my closest friends, agree with him.

But, he gets this post as an explanation as to why I didn’t post much. Shit happens. People are terrible and sometimes it takes a while to get over things. That’s okay.

And… I’m over it. More blogging to come!

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