My Kelly Clarkson Obsession

On March 15, 2012 by Kim Wetter
our kelly clarkson poster

We made this poster... then got drunk and forgot it

I am obsessed with Kelly Clarkson. I have two posters of her hung in my room. “Behind these Hazel Eyes” was my ringtone sophomore year of college and anyone who lived around me can no longer tolerate the song because it played so much. Her album came out at the end of October and has spent the majority of time in my car’s CD player and on repeat on my ipod. I bought a digital copy of the album so that I could have it that morning and I bought a hard copy that came with a bonus CD called the Smokestack Sessions. That’s right: two copies, same CD. Then I continued to force it upon whoever would listen. I celebrated the week Kelly Clarkson finally hit #1 again with “Stronger” and tracked each following week, cheering for her as if she was a distant friend.

One week from today, I am going to be front row at her concert with three of my besties.

It’s bordering on unhealthy how much I love her.

The last Kelly concert I went to, we sang and danced and then I was stunned to silence. I’m not kidding. I was singing and dancing and then just… stopped. And stared in awe. She’s even more wonderful live than she is on her albums.

I won’t lie – I did not watch the first season of American Idol. My obsession actually started with the song “Low,” which I heard on the radio. It was love at first listen.

kelly and jordana in my bedroom

my HUGE Kelly post (and life-size Jordana Brewster) in my room

She’s easily the best American Idol and if you don’t believe me, check out her performance of “I surrender” while on the first idol.

For the concert this time next week, I will be in complete heaven. I’ve had two dreams about the concert already this week. My subconscious is clearly as excited as I am. I talk about her every day and honestly, I’m surprised this is my first post praising her.

If you’ve been link clicking happy, here are a couple more songs that are gloriously awesome: “Let me Down” and “The Sun will Rise.”

I love, love, love her.

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