7 Lessons Learned in a Year

On March 23, 2012 by Kim Wetter
kim wetter with a fake tattoo

Let's just be happy I didn't make THIS bad decision

I’ll be honest and say this time last year was the start to the hardest time in my life. Noting that a full year has passed is liberating in a way, but it also scared the crap out of me. I’m still easily bothered by memories of the past and I welcomed the opportunity to leave town. I wanted to get away from my normal life and all the memories racing around in my head.

Now that doesn’t sound very cured, I know, but let me take a moment to reflect on things I’ve learned over the past year.

  1. I’m awesome. I knew this before but it was really solidified in the past year. In my darkest moments, I always knew who I was. I felt comfortable with myself. I am proud of the woman I’ve become. If things were hard or confusing, I could always rely on the fact that I am a good person. I am kind and funny and smart and fun and… awesome. That can never be taken from me.
  2. I am not perfect. This is always a hard concept for me (see my ego above… And all over this blog). I mess up. Sometimes often. I can be weak. I can falter. I can make a mistake but the best thing to keep in mind is to let myself off the hook for it. It’s okay.
  3. I am worth a whole hell of a lot. It’s strange to have friends come up to me and tell me they’ve thought a great deal about the woman I will end up with. She is going fierce and definitely a sight to behold. To think of my equal (again, see ego above) is a frightening but interesting concept pointed out to me by my friends and by life, in general.
  4. Relationships take time. That’s not about romantic relationships, although they do take a lot of time. It’s about all relationships. I am lucky enough to have a great deal of beautiful, shining relationships in my life and each must be cultivated with care. I have to make sure there’s enough Kim-love to go around.
  5. Evidently, I’m a romantic. Funny thing to not completely know about yourself and to find out fully when not in a relationship. I always had grand ideas about love and love a first sight but I’m sure those were formulated through my love of movies. But those ideas were actually put to the test and they came out on the other side as beliefs. I believe in love fully and in every way. I’d like to think those beliefs dictate a lot about my actions in every day life. As Dumbledore said, pity those that live without love in their lives. It is the people who run from it, think they don’t deserve it or actively fight against it who are sad. Not me.
  6. Have some more fun. I know I love lists in 5’s but this one has to be said. I still remember the day that I was sitting on my couch and I realized I had been doing that for months. What started as moping became a routine. I had this epiphany that I used to DO things. I immediately called up a friend who lives 20 blocks north and asked if I could come over. That night was full of movies and a game called Samba de Amigo and it was FUN. Life can be so enjoyable if you just let it.
  7. Tequila and Fireball. I’ve recently learned that I can take tequila shots again. More recently, I found that Fireball is so easy to sip on and delicious.

So this weekend in San Diego is a weekend away from things but I won’t forget what I’ve learned. There will definitely be some tequila, Fireball and fun.

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