Pro and Con List about Dating Me

On April 23, 2012 by Kim Wetter

Also, I do shit like this

I went to a wedding in San Francisco this weekend. Of course, being involved in wedding festivities always makes people think a lot about their own wedding. I’ve never given much thought to my wedding. I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed up every detail and then made a super weird, large scrapbook about it. Shocking, I know.

Also, almost every single person there was in a committed relationship.

So, since I wasn’t thinking about my wedding details (seriously, some one asked me and I just responded “Not a clue.”) and we all know a wedding is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the line for me, we took a large step back and just discussed what it would be like to date me. As with any good question, we decided to make a pros and cons list. Here it is for you today – completely unedited (Although I am listing the cons first so that the last thing you read / remember will be how awesome I am. I’m cheating, I know.):


Cons Pros
Drinks a lot (borderline alcoholic) Smart
Cocky Good Job
No interest in self-improvement Funny
Very busy schedule Cute
Bad taste in people Great in Bed
Uncompromising Harry Potter fan
Somewhat douchey Very nice (especially to my significant other)
Lacks volume control Difficult to offend
Bad at keeping secrets A “Giver”
Easy Going
A healthy appreciation of jorts

Feel free to add anything I missed in the comments below.

Also, all you fine, single ladies out there that think it’d be a good idea to date me – take some time looking at this list. If you’re still interested, feel free to comment below 😉

5 Responses to “Pro and Con List about Dating Me”

  • Morgan

    Pro–Great drinking game partner/participator/inventor
    Con–may get you extremely drunk (or is that a pro…?)

    If I swang your way, you know I’d tots be down pretty lady!

    Love love


    Pro: Kimmy is an athlete; she plays urban golf very, very well.

  • Karna

    It’s been said already about drinking games, but she is really quite talented at Century Club.

  • “lacks volume control” is a pro, kim. that is a pro.

  • Sarah R.

    Pro: Works as a heat blanket as well as a human being. Even in such conditions from the movie “The Thing”.

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