Twitter Usage and Waterworld

On May 18, 2012 by Kim Wetter

Waterworld and Twitter do not mix

There are several things about social media that confuse me. I don’t understand Pintrest (did I even spell that right?) and I don’t see the point of Twitter. I saw a college humor video once about Twitter and I think it scarred me for life. What’s the point of sharing those thoughts to a random, albeit public audience?


I realize that is incredibly hypocritical considering I run this blog so let’s just say I can’t use twitter because I’m too verbose. 160 characters? Try 1600 on a good day. I talk a lot and I take forever to explain a story because you can’t leave out any important details, amiright?


I work in the world of social media marketing and was surrounded by Twitter users. One day, while at the lunch table (details, amiright?), we got to talking about frivolous things. The first of which was that I had just rewatched Waterworld. I talked for a long time about its ridiculousness and its epicness. Others were bored, I’m sure.


The conversation then turned to Twitter and I announced loudly (do I have any other volume?) that I didn’t understand Twitter. I don’t get it. I don’t get how to use it. I have an account and do nothing with it.


So, the idea was hatched that I should use my twitter account solely to convince people that Waterworld was the greatest movie of all time.


It’s not. I know it’s not. It’s a huge blockbuster flop about a mutant man with no name who saves a woman and her child and it thaws his cold heart but not enough to stay with them in the end. It’s weird. There are jetskis. Who knows?


But I took to the Twitter-sphere in full force. I came up with my own hashtag of #waterworldwins and I was tweeting whatever I could, whenever I heard someone talking about Twitter (my only real reminder to use the damn thing).


Several weeks later, the tsunami in Japan hit. Idiots started using the term “Waterworld” as a way to offensively talk about what was happening to Japan. There were a lot of people claiming this was payback for Pearl Harbor because they are idiots and don’t understand history and a little thing called Hiroshima.


I felt terrible. My fun, innocent use of Waterworld was being perverted. It was the worst possible coincidence. I had to stop.


I still don’t understand Twitter and am vaguely scared of my Tweeting power. If I tweet it, will they come? Best I stay off it before I pick a new topic that randomly terrorizes a nation.

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