Lesbian Lingerie

On January 3, 2013 by Kim Wetter

I have been having some difficulty writing as of late. I’m not a huge fan of the holidays and when I don’t feel chipper, I don’t want to write blog posts. So, I went and asked some friends what they’d like me to write about. Inspired by my post about the mystery underwear, I was told to write about lesbian lingerie and the differences therein.

Now, as someone who was almost on What not to Wear, I really don’t have a lot of thoughts on lesbian lingerie. This is what I do have:
1. In terms of my own, I told someone that I wear boy cut underwear and she responded that she did too. Unfortunately, a straight girl and a lesbian (or maybe just me) have very different opinions of what boy cut underwear means. I mean one solid color. She means lace. I do not wear lace.

Her idea of boy cut

My idea of boy cut


2. It is very rare that I will match my underwear to my bra. The main reason for this is that I only have three colors of bras – black, nude and pink. So if I’m wearing black underwear or pink underwear, they might match. It’s definitely not something I actively think of when clothing myself. I’m like, “Whoa, I match today. Winning?”
3. Also, I really see no point in matching your underwear and bra. In most situations, that I can think of, the other person rarely sees both at once. You can have the situation where you are both clothed and doing the mutual unclothing. In my experience, the bra would come off (and get thrown aside) very quickly. The other situation is when you’ve been dating someone for a while and you are super comfortable in knowing what sorts of clothing (or lack of clothing) is required when you’re getting ready for bed. I’m sure there’s possibly a third situation that involves a sexy lingerie dance (I’m thinking that Alias scene with Jennifer Garner on the plane) but I have not and probably will not ever be in that particular situation. I will definitely let you know if that changes.
4. As someone who is extremely unobservant, I can’t tell you a single time when I have seen a girl in her underwear and stopped to think, “My, those are cute!” I am not saying that I think like a guy but it stands to reason that anyone as unobservant as me doesn’t care what type of knickers you are wearing. We’ll probably just be really excited that we get to see your panties and will be wondering whether or not we’ll be getting to take them off. I can understand wanting to put in a bit of extra effort but when the time comes, as long as they aren’t gross and full of holes, just don’t be offended when we don’t care.
5. On the other hand, sometimes I’ll wear my “favorite” pair of boy cut underwear (seen above). They are the only pair I paid for that didn’t come in a package. They are also perfect for when I’m getting myself dressed up and I want to look and feel good. Just knowing that I’m dressed in my best from head to toe is enough to give me an extra boost of confidence in my day.
So this is probably entirely too much information for some of you and entirely pointless for some of you but hey, it was a suggestion. I gotta keep my readers happy.
Feel free to ask any questions about lesbian lingerie below and I will try my best to answer them with all the authority in my slender, beautiful fingers.

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