I Just Realized Something about Myself

On January 9, 2013 by Kim Wetter
Dawson Leery

This guy? UGH

Something dawned on me recently and it was a very difficult discovery: I’m such a Dawson. For those of you completely uninterested in Dawson’s Creek or my obsession thereof, no worries, you won’t need to know anything about the show to follow this post. This post is about me. But, it probably will be sappy, rather than funny. If you are looking for funny today, please wander over to Braxton’s post about the Seahawks or Meghan’s post about the Bachelor. (And for real, I know most of you come looking for my amusing stories about Cougars. I’m surprised I still have readers after all these serious posts)

Dawson is the dreamer. He has his head in the clouds. He’s obsessed with the movies. He believes in true love and soul mates.

Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Most of you already know that I have lofty ideas of love. Why would it be bad to be the Dawson?


Because I hated him.


I really hope I never make this face

I really hope I never make this face

No joke. I was obsessed with the show but absolutely couldn’t stand the main character. So, to realize I have taken on many of his traits is concerning. I found him to be self obsessed and immature and down right annoying.

Considering the title of the blog, I’m not sure I can escape the self obsession aspects of Dawson Leery. Although, it’s important to distinguish that Dawson’s self obsession made him extremely selfish. He thought of his feelings and ignored all others. I am not like that.

Immature? Yeah, sure, in a lot of ways.

Annoying? God, I hope not.

So what does make me like him?

First, there’s my charming ability to relate anything to a television show: aka not reality. Dawson thought everything related to the movies. He actually kind of thought life was a lot like the movies and as we all know, it’s not. I, unfortunately, share in his disillusionment. Often, when trying to explain myself or a certain situation, I’ll start with “have you ever seen…?” and then continue into the actual story. I instantly draw a parallel between my situation and one much more scripted, dramatic, and unreal. Like this entire blog post for instance…

In college, I was once asked to pick a song that described me and I choose “Clark Gable” by the Postal Service.

This tendency to not live in reality makes me extremely susceptible to grand romantic gestures and even a well-timed song lyric. Surprisingly, I have never, myself, made a grand gesture. I’m not sure why but I am sure that whatever I come up with will be quite elaborate or require a plane flight or a full church chorus ala Love Actually (SEE! I did it again!)

The second reason I’m like Dawson Leery is that I totally and completely believe in love. I believe that it is the most powerful thing on the planet. I believe it knows no boundaries or distance or language or creed. It defies logic entirely. It is powerful medicine to the soul but also is extremely dangerous if gone wrong.

This causes most people to be cautious of love. To a certain extent, with my past, as anyone, I’m wary too.

But then again…

I believe in fireworks! I believe in finding something so grand you feel it in your toes! I believe in butterflies and true love and soul mates!

Ugh, I’m a total Dawson Leery. I am just a sap and a dreamer. I may have come to accept this about myself but it makes any rewatching of Dawson’s Creek (my favorite ever) very difficult. Maybe I’ll have to learn to warm to the character who reminds me so much of myself.

Now, I leave you with a couple of songs by the Beatles and the Dixie Chicks…

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