2013 Year in Review

On January 8, 2014 by Kim Wetter

I know it’s a little late and that I haven’t written anything in a really long time but I’ve been reflecting on last year and wanted to write out a few thoughts. Which is just hilarious because there is nothing truly different about the change of the year. I don’t feel any different and my life certainly isn’t much different from December 31st, 2013 to January 1st, 2014. And yet, the change of the year encourages us to reflect on our life, our goals and our previous accomplishments. Unfortunately, I have difficulty with being serious for extended periods of time. So instead, you get my version of a year in review! Fun!

reflecting on 2013

Me: reflecting

Biggest emotional crisis that isn’t actually a crisis: Kelly Clarkson

In 2012, I had a total breakdown about the Colts letting Peyton Manning go. I cried. I never cry. I struggled watching the 2012 football season unfold and had no idea whether I was a Colts fan still or if I’d follow Manning to Denver. It only took a couple of games to convince me that my love for Manning was stronger. Crisis over.

This year, my emotional crisis lies with Kelly Clarkson. First, let’s start with the obvious: I agreed to go to a Maroon 5 concert just to see Kelly Clarkson open for them. I really don’t like Maroon 5 but I decided I’d sit through 20 renditions of “Moves Like Jagger” just to see Kelly perform one song at the Gorge. I was scoffed at; a long drive AND sitting through a Maroon 5 concert? I must be crazy. But I was committed and Kelly canceled.

Then, she decided to release a Christmas album this year. I don’t really like music and don’t listen to a ton of it…. except Kelly Clarkson. All of her albums speak to me and I have trouble deciding which one I like best. But a Christmas album? I hate Christmas and I hate Christmas music. I really truly feel more disconnected from Kelly than I ever have before and it legit takes up a fair amount of my emotional capacity when I think about it.

As a side note, I was also not a huge fan of her country single, “Tie it up.”

Most shameful experience: The Brady Jersey

As I mentioned above, I love Peyton Manning and followed him to the Broncos. If that makes me a Peyton fan first and a Broncos fan second – whatever. Either way, I root for the Broncos and generally think that Peyton is the best quarterback ever. So, when the Broncos were slated to play the Patriots, I got to shit-talking my friend James, who is a Patriots fan. He told me he’d like to bet on the game but not do “something boring like money.” He wanted to make it interesting.

I came up with the perfect bet: The loser had to buy the winning team’s quarterback’s jersey and wear it every Sunday until that team was out of the playoffs.

I thought I had it in the bag. Denver is SO good this year. By halftime, I was sure I’d won. Denver was up 24-0.

And they lost.

No one high fives Brady

I had to buy myself a Tom Brady jersey, which cost $100 by the way, and wear it every single Sunday. Not only does it remind me that I lost the bet but it also just feels gross. And to think I’ll have to wear that jersey this weekend as the Seahawks play! And what if the Pats go to the Super Bowl? The shame of losing that bet has followed me into 2014 and it’s much more shameful than flirting with a homeless girl.

Biggest Frenemy: My bed

I made the very adult decision this year to buy a new mattress. My last mattress was old – like really old. I had it since I was in high school and dragged it with me to college. It had been in five different houses. That probably sounds pretty gross but it was just sooooooooooo comfortable. I loved my bed. It even had a name.

At a certain point, however, I had to make the adult decision that despite the heavenly comfort of my mattress and squeaky bed frame (that used to be the bottom bunk of my childhood bunk bed and was meant for a futon), it was time to upgrade.

I love my new bed. I really do. But, I’ve always struggled with insomnia and not even a new, wonderful mattress can fix that. I love my bed when I initially get in it and then hate it three hours later as I struggle to find sleep. My lack of sleep has always just been something I accepted. In 2013, I actually tried to fix it. I stopped watching TV in my bed, I sought out safe sleeping supplements and I even sleep with ear plugs in every night.

But, 2014 is here and I’m not closer to solving my sleep troubles. Damn.

Biggest goal I set and haven’t accomplished: Call your Girlfriend

Back in April, I decided I was going to learn the dance to Robyn’s “Call your Girlfriend” music video. My friend Aric and I only had three dance practices and although we can mimic Robyn pretty well, we definitely do not know the whole routine. I still plan to learn it and then make a music video ala Phil on a Ferry.

Robyn humping the floor

So that’s it folks! That’s what I think of when I think of 2013. Why? Is that not how you reflect on your year?

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  • Julie

    Your best accomplishment in 2013? These gifs. I can’t stop watching Tom Brady looking like a total idiot.

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