22. 03. 2012
red solo in hand

Sick at all the Wrong Moments

I have sleeping problems. We’ve established that. They normally come when I’m stressed out about something or unhappy but you can pretty much always put a finger on the thought that keeps me...

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15. 03. 2012
our kelly clarkson poster

My Kelly Clarkson Obsession

I am obsessed with Kelly Clarkson. I have two posters of her hung in my room. “Behind these Hazel Eyes” was my ringtone sophomore year of college and anyone who lived around me...

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20. 12. 2011
Mr. Darcy

Director Joe Wright and my Sick Day

Yesterday, I stayed home sick. For me, that meant I was up at 12:30 and working by 1:30. Doesn’t sound that relaxing? You’re wrong. I’d much rather just get work done while sitting...

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14. 12. 2011
Friday Night Lights

I am Obsessed with Friday Night Lights Again

For those of you who haven’t seen Friday Night Lights, I will try to make this post with you in mind. For those of you who have seen it, let us pause for...

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03. 12. 2011
Kristen Stewart

I am Seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1

Why? Look Left.   No, but for real, I’ve had a weird obsession with Twilight for some time. I’ve read all four books, I own the first three movies, I used to write...

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