06. 01. 2012
Derek and I

I Regret Nothing

Below is the first guest post submission by my good friend Derek (see picture to the right):   I’m slumped over the railing at 631 11th Ave. And my hands grip wildly at...

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03. 01. 2012
New Years in Seattle

New Years Eve

No, I didn’t go see a really terrible romantic comedy about Americans unsuccessfully trying to replicate the Love Actually formula. My love of terrible movies has tapered since my movie mate moved to...

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27. 12. 2011
My Turkey

I Hate Christmas

Read the title. Read it again. I am 100% serious. I have never liked Christmas and this year I wanted to delve into why: Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages?...

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22. 12. 2011
Sorority Squat!

Sorority Party Ideas

I was in a sorority. This comes as a shock to some. Is it my lack of pink clothing or the fact that I’m gay or maybe it’s my almost-What-Not-To-Wear-worthy wardrobe? Whatever it...

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07. 12. 2011
Seattle, Washington

Sex and the Emerald City

I don’t know how or when it happened, but somewhere along the way, Seattle became my city. I’ve never had a problem with the grey season (approximately 75% of our year) and I’ve...

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05. 12. 2011
Downward Spiral #4

Walla Walla Weekend

I went to Walla Walla this weekend and the first question I was asked upon my arrival home Sunday night was, “Did you do anything stupid?” Any normal person would be offended by...

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02. 12. 2011
The Deathly Hallows iPhone Case

To Fully Examine my Nerdiness

For those of you curious as to how nerdy I am, let me just show you my new iPhone case. That’s right, I now have a Deathly Hallows case – otherwise known as...

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01. 12. 2011
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! From, Kim Wetter

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01. 12. 2011
My Sweet Back Burn


Seeing as this is my first post ever, let me work out the conversation that you, the reader, and I would have if we ever met.   You: What is this? Me: This...

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