The Veronica Mars Movie

On April 11, 2013 by Kim

Veronica Mars MovieAs many of you know, they’re doing a Veronica Mars movie. Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell got Warner Brothers to agree to distribution and publicity if they could raise at least 2 million dollars for their budget via a Kickstarter campaign. As soon as I heard the news, I was ecstatic. I began posting about it on Facebook, as one would and was met with a certain amount of negativity. “Aren’t there better things to be contributing to on Kickstarter?”

First of all, funding movies and art projects is a pretty standard use of Kickstarter. I contributed to my childhood friend Dana’s kickstarter because I think she’s a talented artist whose work needs to be seen. Similarly, I’ll fund the Veronica Mars movie because the combination of writing and acting is some of the best to have ever graced my screen.

Secondly, you’re talking to the girl who wrote her thesis on Veronica Mars. I’m not just your average fan. I’ve delved into the fictional world of Neptune more than most. My thesis was about the gender and genre restrictions within our own society that made Veronica Mars so unpopular. This show broke gender stereotypes and genre stereotypes in a big way and I’m excited to see them do it all over again on the big screen.

The budget of the film is entirely the money raised via kickstarter. Therefore, they hoped for a budget bigger than the initial $2 million. Currently, the budget is up to $5 million, which is a great start for a very low budget film.

over the moon face

Pure excitement

They only have a day left to try to get the most Kickstarter backers of all time so they’ve opened it up to allow $1 donations. If I’ve ever pestered you about Veronica Mars or forced you to watch the entire season with me while I sit on your chest and force open your eyelids, consider donating. Oh and watch my Veronica Mars music video.

Oh, and if you were curious, yes, we did have a Veronica Mars Movie Fundraising Kegger. It’s been years since we’ve purchased or hosted an actual kegger so it was a bit of a throw back. Unfortunately, we were convinced that we are “grownups” and we needed to supply nice beer. Therefore, we bought a keg of Manny’s and the cost of the keg was about as much as we raised. I ended up throwing in some extra money in order to donate a total of $100 under my name.

Highlights of the keg, if you missed it: me winning three games of Beirut before getting destroyed by my ex-roommate in epic proportions. Then I danced to Robyn in my living room until the wee hours of the morning with a wonderful gaysian. There’s no better way to round out my love of Veronica Mars than with a dance party with a gaysian.

So donate for me. Donate for Veronica. Donate for the dark film noir meets comedy meets high school drama lover inside of you. Just donate.

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