Snow Days 2012

On February 10, 2012 by Kim

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Now that a couple of photos have surfaced, I figured it was a great time to tell the story of my snow days this year.

On the first day, we had the brilliant idea to play urban golf in the snowy streets. Urban golf is a simple game where you hit tennis balls with golf clubs, much in the style of frisbee golf. Unlike frisbee golf however, we don’t keep score. Urban golf only has one rule: you must be drinking.

We always joke that the person who is drunkest at the end is the winner. You can kick your ball, pick it up and throw it, whatever. Good sportsmanship and camaraderie are always encouraged and the main point is to have fun.

On this particular day, if you were trying to hit the ball well, avoiding deep snow was important. I found my ball in deep snow and bent down to find a small liquor bottle next to the tennis ball. Confused, I exclaimed, “Guys! Look what someone dropped…”

Then it dawned on me – I had been iced.

See, now that I’m gluten free, I cannot actually drink Smirnoff Ice because it contains lots of malt. Therefore, my friends have taken to icing me with airplane bottles of liquor. When “iced,” one must drop to one knee and finish the ice.

ICED in the snow

ICED in the snow

It was, by far, one of the cleverest ways I’ve been iced. I never saw it coming.

On the second evening, we decided we had to do some sledding before the snow melted. We ventured to my housemate Emily’s parents house and collected any snow gear we could find. Among the snow gear was a fabulous one piece ski suit. Obviously I had to wear it.

Boom! Snow suit!

Rockstar in a Onesie!

Sledding itself was a lot more work than I remember. You have to walk all the way up the hill it takes you several seconds to sled down. We took turns and waited as kids went down before us. Just moving around in that tight suit was difficult enough.


After a couple rounds for each of us, a quick trip to the bar seemed in order. The snow suit was a big hit. I had many people come up to me and remark on how great my suit was. I think the words “Snow Bunny” were used a couple of times.

Overall, a grand couple of snow days.

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