Sick at all the Wrong Moments

On March 22, 2012 by Kim
red solo in hand

Clearly, not part of the problem

I have sleeping problems. We’ve established that. They normally come when I’m stressed out about something or unhappy but you can pretty much always put a finger on the thought that keeps me awake. Since sleep and healthy are intricately intertwined, it’s not surprising that I often get sick.

I also don’t sleep well when I’m in anticipation of something. I haven’t slept well in the past week because my upcoming weekend is about to blow all other weekends out of the water. Tonight, I see Kelly Clarkson with front row tickets. Tomorrow, I am taking the day off in anticipation of a hangover and so that I can see The Hunger Games in the afternoon. Then, I fly off to San Diego to have a kick ass weekend with one of my closest friends. That’s a whole lotta awesome. Of course I’m not going to sleep well.

So, Wednesday morning, I woke up with a head cold. There have been two other times in my life where something similar has happened.

When I was in elementary school, I was a big Lakers fan. We had just moved from Southern California to Bothell, Washington and I wasn’t prepared to give up my hometown crew. I was a huge fan of Shaq before he even came to LA because I was the proud owner of one of the worst video games of all time: Shaq Fu. My dad had gotten me tickets to go see the Sonics (RIP) vs the Lakers. I woke up the morning before vomiting uncontrollably. It must’ve been hard for my parents because I would just vomit and cry, vomit and cry. I couldn’t believe that I was missing out. I didn’t know you could be that depressed as a ten year old.

I never saw the Lakers play.

Then, high school comes around and my friend tells me that she has picked me to partake in her parent’s birthday gift. They had gotten her tickets to go see Sugar Ray. To some, this might be funnier than me being obsessed with the Lakers but I loved Sugar Ray. My friend was aptly obsessed with Mark McGrath and I pretended to be too. The morning of the concert, I wake up vomiting. I had to call my friend and tell her she had to find my last minute replacement.

I never saw Sugar Ray perform.

Let me count my lucky stars that today is only a head cold. I’ve bought these magic little red pills (yo Matrix, what up?) and I’m going to make sure I am awesome and alert all weekend.

When I return, expect me to be incredibly sick. This is not a “stop and take care of your body” sort of weekend. The show must go on.

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