Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Photo

On July 9, 2013 by Kim

I’m at a marketing conference this week called MozCon (which I also attended last year and swiftly offended the head of the company behind it by writing this) and although I swear I’m learning really cool things that I will be able to use for my actual job, I also heard of a pretty fun thing I could use for this blog. I’m not great with the twitters or the pinterestz so it’s not surprising that I had never heard of Wordless Wednesdays. The concept is pretty simple, I give you a photo and you come up with a caption or story about it.

I just so happen to have a photo from this weekend that works perfectly for this game, so let’s give it a shot. All I’ll specify is that it is from Saturday night. I’ll post the real story behind this photo tomorrow and don’t worry, it’s worth the wait. Now all you have to do is comment below (or on Facebook) with what you think is happening / quick quips making fun of me / a really cool story behind this particular photo

Gimme your best guess as to what's happening

Gimme your best guess as to what’s happening


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    definitely going in for a magical kiss that would ignite the brightest fireworks ever and she is too drunk to pay attention. right as you lean into kiss her she turns her face and smiles. all the while your friends, aka laura, was trying to sneak a picture of you kissing the girl… and right as you went to kiss her she saw Laura’s camera…. lame.

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