Maintaining this Unhealthy Lifestyle

On August 13, 2012 by Kim

This was the state of things Friday night

This weekend I was in San Francisco for a wedding and was once again stunned by how amazing all of my friends are. I have been to reunion type of events before and you mostly want to shoot yourself in the face after the tenth “so what have you been up to?” conversation. These weddings and wedding events I have attended are nothing like that. Sure, you get the obligatory “What’s been going on with you?” but the difference is, these people genuinely care. And I genuinely want to share with them.

But, of course, some read my blog so I also got a “I don’t understand how you can maintain this lifestyle” comment.

How do I maintain this lifestyle?

We all got pretty drunk on Friday and I was ready to go drink at a bar at 1pm the next day for the women’s basketball final. Then we all drink hearty amounts Saturday night for the wedding. I even managed to set up a game of Beirut by playing with wine corks because we didn’t have ping pong balls. I sang some karaoke. I danced. After all that, I was still ready to make the Sunday pool party a real real party the next day (and we probably would have if they allowed us to bring in our own drinks).

This was the state of things Saturday night

So how do I maintain?

First, it’s much easier when you wake up sans hangover. There have been plenty of days where I only want to curl up in a ball on the couch and watch The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, I said it, The Vampire Diaries is the show I’m currently watching. And it makes me feel awesome because my hangover is not nearly as bad as accidentally killing a girl and triggering your family’s werewolf curse. That isn’t how you guys deal with your hangovers?

Secondly, some days you gotta dance. Live it up when you get the chance. – Those are lyrics from a Dixie Chicks song. Not only are they relevant to my life philosophy but they also help to prove to you all that I listen to more music than just Call me Maybe on repeat and all things Kelly Clarkson.

But hey, I’ll admit it – I’m tired. I was asked what I’m doing the rest of the week and I couldn’t bring myself to make plans. The steam runs out.

So, how do I do it? Go, go, go, sleep and rest up during the week, repeat. Similar to lather, rinse, repeat but harder on your liver. And immune system. And probably wallet. But damn I have fun.

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